We repair corrupted video and audio files online.


We could help you recover video and audio which gets corrupted.

There are two major kinds of broken video files.

A bad flash card or faulty slot, a dead battery at the worst possible moment, a dropped and broken camera, and many other possible reasons lead to an interrupted recording. While recording, a camera writes video data through to storage, but keeps indices and metadata in memory, flushing that at the end of a recorded file. If something bad happens, all the collected indices and metadata are lost. Such video file is not valid and cannot be played back. Most likely we could successfully restore these files up to the point that has been actually written to the media file last.

The second case is when a valid video file has been removed from the media, or a media had been formatted, and then restored. The file might have a correct name and size, but cannot be played back. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases such "restored" file contains random data and cannot be recovered.

Files on a media are usually fragmented. When one deletes a file, information about where different pieces of the file were placed gets lost. A common approach to restoration of deleted files is to scan for known file headers, or through the whole media ignoring the file system, considering that as a beginning of the file and assuming a consistent sequence of pieces till the end. This would work relatively well only if there was no fragmentation.

We cannot help with a file where video and audio data is missing. We have a way to recover valid part of such files and likely they would play back. However, the best result is possible only if the complete media binary image gets analyzed. If this is your case, you could make a media image, upload it to a cloud storage, for example Google Drive or Dropbox, and send us an e-mail for further instructions.

A video file that you upload gets recovered automatically. No human being is involved in this process and no one would be watching your video on our end. You can see if everything has been recovered well by checking few screenshots in the original resolution and a complete video at the lower resolution and lower bit rate (don't worry, once done you will download the restored video file with the original resolution and bit rate).

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can either reprocess the recovery automatically with different settings, or ask for a manual recovery by one of our engineers. In this case somebody will be watching some of your video to find the root of the problem. Usually we can recover files in 99% cases, if there is something to recover, of course. There are cases when files copied from a broken media simply do not contain valid data.

Currently we support files up to 128GB in mp4, m4v, m4a, mov, qt, 3gp formats, video codec AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265, audio AAC, ADPCM, PCM, MP3 and AMR.

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Please also follow our FAQ section before processing with your file recovery.

Happy restoring!